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Our Converged Infrastructure solution for datacenter combine storage, networking, and server components into a single, flexible architecture for enterprise workloads.
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Our Converged Infrastructure solution for datacenter combine storage, networking, and server components into a single, flexible architecture for enterprise workloads. It is a validated design that ships as a ready-to-deploy infrastructure in a rack. It comes with a single management console for management of all the components including automation and orchestration tools for fast provisioning of virtual machines and their underlying resources.

The solution is ideal to speed up deployment of cloud-based datacenter infrastructures and business critical applications while reducing costs, complexity and risk. The solution ensures interoperability between component hardware providers with unified support for all components within the converged stack.

Converged infrastructure (CI) is the combination of computing, networking, storage, management software, and automation capabilities into a single, unified solution. Converged infrastructure can simplify and accelerate deployment while reducing risk with validated solutions.

Converged infrastructure is typically comprised of the following elements





Management Software

Automation and Orchestration Capabilities

Converged infrastructure solutions can be designed, tested, and prevalidated for a variety of applications and industry use cases.

Converged infrastructure vendors may deliver equipment tested, preracked, and ready to use like a mini datacenter in a box. Alternatively, the equipment can be assembled at a customer site, along with a reference architecture document, which is a detailed guide on how to deploy and configure the solution.


Run any application with confidence

Fast-track the delivery of modern workloads. FlexPod unites compute, storage, networking, and management across your hybrid infrastructure to get it done.

Deploy with less risk

Leverage more than 240 reference architectures to eliminate guesswork and speed deployment.

Align costs to consumption

Expand capacity for your increased IT needs while scaling up, without breaking the bank or paying for something you don't need yet. Pay as you use FlexPod, growing and shrinking capacity on demand.

Meet your apps where they are

Get a single automated platform that can handle all your applications and data.

A platform you can trust

Keep data and apps safe with zero-trust security.

Simplify with a flexible, intelligent platform

Hundreds of validated designs for the latest apps and use cases.

Modernize your business and help protect the earth

Engineered to address the entire lifecycle of sustainability.

Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide, FlexPod is built on innovative technology from Cisco and NetApp.

Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System

Get a single automated platform for all your modern applications and data needs. See how with FlexPod.​

NetApp AFF C-Series Storage

Combines capacity, flash performance, and easy affordability.

Cisco Nexus 9000 Switches

Industry-leading performance that unites your datacenter and cloud

Cisco Intersight

You can view, control and automate infrastructure throughout its lifecycle—wherever it is—a single place.

Cisco & Hitachi Adaptive Solutions

Meet the demands of virtualized workloads and enterprise apps with confidence. Address your infrastructure needs today and support tomorrow's growth with Cisco & Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for CI.

Reduce risk with proven technologies

Deploying a converged infrastructure? No worries. Cisco's compute and datacenter networking solutions combined with Hitachi's storage expertise have got you covered with outstanding resiliency and availability capabilities.

Protect investment with future-ready CI

When you need to support legacy and modern apps along with whatever the future holds, turn to the infrastructure that paves the way for emerging technologies.

Optimize your data with a strong foundation

Think data-first with Cisco and Hitachi Adaptive Solutions for Converged Infrastructure-leading-edge technology
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A data-driven foundation

Unlock the value of your data with better control and analytics.

Unchallenged reliability

Deliver better business outcomes with a resilient infrastructure.

Gold-standard leadership

Operate with confidence using solutions backed by three decades of proven experience from Cisco and Hitachi.